31Jan 2013

Here is such a wonderful bread, especially for cheese lovers.

I have a few ingredients listed twice. I do that so you can see that they are separate steps in the recipe.

As always you can add some dough enhancer if your loaf isn’t rising because of the fresh flour. You will not need to use it if you’re using all purpose flour from the store. Continue reading

24Jan 2013
Whole Grains and Wheat

Gaining popularity in the food industry is the use of the phrase, “whole grain,” especially in certain products such as baked goods, tortillas and cereals.  But more than just a catch-phrase, the term actually has some deep-seeded meaning.  While the term “grain” generally refers to the genera (Poaceae) and various species of the grass family, in this discussion we include both cereal grains and pseudo-grains (those seeds that resemble grains and can be eaten as grains, but which actually come from more broad-leaved plants). Continue reading

13Dec 2012
What is Allspice?

I was reading through recipes for peppernuts today. A few of these little recipes called for allspice and cloves, my first though was, “How redundant.” Growing up I thought (for some unknown reason) that they were similar somehow. Once I started cooking on my own late in High School and later in college I knew that they weren’t but the thought of what it actually was didn’t occur to me until now. Continue reading

30Nov 2012

I was wandering around the Internet and I found The Farmer’s Museum blog. How wonderful was it to see our GrainMaker grain mill being used to teach children about historical farming? The Article title is “What we did before Wonder Bread. Pt1” and right there are wonderful pictures of the bright red mill! Well, I was so impress with what they are doing that I wanted to share the website with you. Continue reading