28Jan 2014
Wendys Alfredo Chicken

Okay, so this is a recipe I am making for myself. My husband is a SUPER picky eater and I have to find ways to make his favorite foods from scratch because I’ve been in the over-processed doldrums lately. I am trying to find ways to make his favorite processed foods in a fresh way that mimics the boxed and frozen foods as closely as possible. Continue reading

14Jun 2013

Many people have asked me about good ways to mix different wheat. This is a great recipe I discovered a while ago and I wish I could remember where I picked it up but I love it. I use these on taco nights and my favorite is spicy Swai fish tacos but luckily these are so tasty that you really can use them with any kind of meat, cheese or veggie filling. Continue reading

22Feb 2013
Curry Powder Recipe

One of my favorite spices in the kitchen is curry powder. It’s versatile and can be used in many different ways. It’s actually a blend that I use in a lot of the things I cook. I make Italian, Chinese, Mexican as well as Indian food with curry powder. It’s expandable with many formulations so you can add different ingredients to get the exact flavor that suits you. Continue reading

07Feb 2013

These are a great combination of sweet and savory! I had to put these up because I really like taking something sweet and throwing pepper into it. I always have Three Chilies Chocolate Sauce in my fridge to curb sweet cravings with a little on a spoon. Another great MT product!

When you make this play around with the spices, smoked paprika makes a great addition but it’s yours to make to your taste. Continue reading

31Jan 2013

Here is such a wonderful bread, especially for cheese lovers.

I have a few ingredients listed twice. I do that so you can see that they are separate steps in the recipe.

As always you can add some dough enhancer if your loaf isn’t rising because of the fresh flour. You will not need to use it if you’re using all purpose flour from the store. Continue reading

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