Creating GrainMakers®

GrainMaker® mills are individually hand-crafted using the time-honored standard of hard work, attention to detail and a commitment to quality.

Welded Steel construction of our High-quality grain mill flour grinderEvery part of the mills, including the bodies, handles, hoppers, stainless steel GrainBreaker augers and high quality alloy steel grinding burrs are made here on-site, allowing us to guarantee the quality of the parts being made.

Many of the GrainMaker® parts start as solid pieces of material including the adjustment knobs, main shafts, GrainBreaker augers, v-groove flywheel pulley’s and burrs.

Each mill comes with a Lifetime Heirloom Guarantee on the entire mill including the grinding burrs as well as a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

With respect to our customers spending their hard earned money on a product they have purchased from us, our commitment is to create and provide products that will last and stand the test of time, products they can hand down through the generations.

In the following paragraphs, we will explain all the parts of the GrainMaker® mills. The photograph below features our Model No. 99.

Model No. 99

GrainMaker grain mill grinder for flour

Description of Parts for GrainMaker® Mills Assembly Every GrainMaker® mill is shipped mostly assembled. The only thing you have to do is attach the extended handle. On Models 116, 99 and 275, it is a simple matter of taking the provided wrench and two provided screws and attach. On the Model 35, the handle simply slides onto the shaft. That’s it! Your then ready to start milling. If you live in the continental US, we even provide you with a 5 pound bag of wheat. Montana’s Prairie Gold wheat! This wheat is 100% chemical and GMO free!

Augers – Models 116, 99 & 35 Our GrainMaker® Model No’s. 116 and 99 feature two augers. One is a GrainBreaker auger used for large beans, corn and most nuts. The other is a coil auger used for smaller grains up to the size of popcorn. Simply hold the burrs together with one hand while turning the knob with the other until it is completely unscrewed. You can then easily remove the front burr and slide out the auger and replace with the other auger. That’s all there is to it! Reverse the order to put back together. Our GrainMaker® Model No. 35 features the auger built right onto the shaft. This mill will grind the same variety of grains as our larger models, however the degree of fineness and the output per minute will be less.

Bearings – All Models Our GrainMaker® Models 116, 99 & 275 use only USA made Sealed and Shielded Ball Bearings. Our GrainMaker® Model 35 uses bushings made exclusively for this mill in our shop.

Burrs – Models 116, 99 & 35 Our GrainMaker® mills each feature one set of hardened alloy steel grinding burrs. These burrs are part of our Lifetime Heirloom Guarantee. One of the burrs is the stationary burr and does not move. This burr is located closest to the body of the mill. The second burr is the rotating burr and when the handle is cranked, the burr moves. Models 116 and 99 are shipped with the Click & Lock Adjustment Knob tightened securely in place. On these models, consistency of the grind will be determined by the position of adjustable Click & Lock Adjustment Knob.

Clamp – All Models The GrainMaker® clamp is a custom clamp designed to securely hold each GrainMaker mill in place. This is accomplished by its unique design both on the bases of our mills as well as the contact points of each clamp.

Click & Lock Adjustment Knob – Featured on Model No.116 & 99 Our exclusive Click & Lock Adjustment Knob is engineered to make sure that once you have found the desired consistency of the type of grind you want, it will hold this setting for you without changing. When the knob is turned, you will hear a click followed by the knob locking into place. When you adjust the knob, you are simply allowing either more or less space between the grinding burrs. More space equals a coarser grind, less space equals a finer grind.

Cleaning – All Models When cleaning your GrainMaker® Models 116 & 99, simply wipe down the exterior with a dry cloth. Next, remove the Click & Lock Adjustment Knob. Once the knob is removed, the front rotating burr slips off. Remove the Auger next. Finally, using the provided cleaning brush, simply brush out any remaining residual grain. That’s all there is to it.

Cleaning the Model No.35 only requires removing the two outside wing nuts. This removes the front cover and exposes the burrs. Using the provided cleaning brush you can then clean and residual grain in the mill.

On models 116, 99 & 35, if you have ground oily media such as coffee, flax seeds or nuts, it is nice to place some dry grain in the mill and grind some through to clean out the oily product. Then take it apart and clean. You may wash the burrs, but it is important to dry thoroughly immediately after use. If you live in a humid climate, you may wish to coat the burrs with a thin coat of olive oil.

Cleaning the Model 275 only requires a wipe down of the exterior of the mill. To access the rollers, simply remove the two thumb screws and remove the top assembly. The rollers are then easily accessible should you ever want to wipe them down.

Each GrainMaker® mill is tested with wheat before it is securely packaged for shipping. If you have a gluten allergy, we are happy to test with rice upon special request. However, it is important to know that the mills are manufactured in a facility that grinds wheat and nuts.

Extended Handle with Wood Grip – All Models All of our mills come standard with an extended handle that has a rotating grip in your choice of Hickory, Oak, Maple, or Cherry.

Hopper – All Models All GrainMaker® mills feature steel hoppers. The Model 116 has a 10 cup capacity, Model 99 has a 6 cup capacity, Model 35 has a 3 cup capacity and the Model 275 has a 10 cup capacity.

Knob & Wing Bolt Adjustment – Model No. 35 The Knob on the Model No. 35 locks the Wing Bolt in place. To adjust for the consistency of grind on this mill, you will adjust the Wing Bolt. Once the desired consistency is met, tighten the Knob.

Knurled Rollers – Model No. 275 We custom created the stainless steel, knurled rollers for our Model No. 275. These rollers are a hefty 2 3/4” diameter roller and they operate on a dual drive system, therefore when you are turning the handle, both rollers are moving at the same time.

Mill Body – All Models Every GrainMaker® mill features holes in the base to allow for easy mounting to a counter or work surface. On Models 116 & 99 there is a convenient storage post for the extra auger when it is not in use. The Model 116 features a solid metal, contoured body style. The Model 99 features a rectangular steel body style and the Model No. 35 features a solid aluminum body style with a steel insert ensuring no food ever comes into contact with the aluminum. The Model No. 275 features a solid metal plate body style.

Removable Steel Chute – Model No. 275 For the individual that wants to roll, flake or crush large quantities of grain, the Removable Steel Chute easily attaches to the Model No. 275 and allows the finished product to flow directly into a large container.

Safety Guard – Models 116, 99 & 275 A Safety Guard is included with Models 116, 99 and 275 for your safety. Made from stainless steel, these safety guards simply sit inside the hopper for your protection.

Shaft Assembly – Models 116 & 99 The Shaft Assembly is for Models 116 & 99 is created individually for each mill using only the finest steel available.

Spring Loaded Knob Adjustment – Model No. 275 Our Model No. 275 features our custom engineered knob. It features numbered settings allowing the user to consistently achieve the same grind for each type of grain every time.

Storage Bin – Model No. 275 The Model 275 comes with a 10 cup stainless steel storage bin to capture smaller amounts of rolled, flaked or crushed grain.

V-Belt Flywheel Pulley – Models 116, 99 & 275 Our V-belt Flywheel Pulleys are custom made from solid stock. These pulleys make it convenient for the user to motorize or convert to bicycle operation.

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