Electric Motor for Model No.99

Electric Motor for Model No.99

Electric Motor for Model No.99

Motor for GrainMaker® Model No. 99 ONLY

•1/3 Horsepower
•80 RPMs

The motor is a direct-drive, gear motor engineered to attach directly to your GrainMaker® grain mill. The very slow speed is critical to keep heat at a minimum while grinding grains in order to preserve important nutrients that aren’t found in most store-bought breads.

GrainMaker® mills are handmade in America. But not just in America. In Montana. The part of America that has no use for anything dainty or darling or fragile. Sometimes things with an heirloom guarantee take longer to make, but we will get it to you as soon as possible, and that may take up to two to four weeks. Not to get your hopes up, but most of our mills only take two weeks to ship. You will be making the best, most nutritious, whole grain flour before you know it. Oh, and, with every mill, we are sending you a cook booklet to help get you started. You are going to love it. You will receive an email from us when your mill ships. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

When you order a GrainMaker® mill and a motor at the same time, you are still going to receive the flywheel and the extended handle that is included with the mill so in the event that you lose power, you will still have the extended handle and pulley to use the mill manually.

Our Heirloom Guarantee does not cover motors. Motors have a 1-year warranty through the manufacturer.