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“This is a fine piece of equipment that is built to last! I opened the box, mounted the machine and started milling, all within 30 minutes. Once I got the proper setting it took a very short time to make flour. I wish everything that I bought was designed and built as well at my Grainmaker Mill®!

Thank you.

Ps. You don’t make cars, do you?”

– Colonel Arbour, NASA.


“Does the term M1A2 ring a bell? This thing is built like one! [W]e are thrilled to have it and wanted to thank you for a superior, AMERICAN made product.”

– Randy S. Franklin, GA


“Your customer service is AMAZING! High standard of ethics. You ‘walk the talk…’ Thank you for service above and beyond what was expected!”

– Marsha from Arizona

“I can’t thank you enough for such a well made mill. While grinding my wheat, I get the best workout (I crank by hand). The consistency of the flour is very fine. I run it through the mill twice. It makes the best flour for my whole wheat bread recipe. It’s easy to clean this mill. Thanks for such a well made machine. It’s well worth the price.[…]”

– Lani F., Goldendale, WA

“I received our mill and unwrapped, hooked [it] up and everyone went to work![…] My 10 year son turned that mill for an hour yesterday and filled a bin for me.[…] I am so glad I didn’t listen to that sabotage of a review, the person who wrote that was out to do your product harm. You have a wonderful mill! Thank you so much!”

– Beth A.(Email: Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 12:38 PM Subject: ‘Beth again!’)

“My Grainmaker mill is satisfyingly overbuilt the way things used to be – with pride in craftsmanship and attention to detail, and stronger than it would ever need to be for its intended purpose. It is a snap to grind anything from wheat and rice to beans and corn, and the flour is amazingly fine. The wheel is easy to turn even for my kids, and the unit is a snap to assemble and to clean.I am equally impressed with the engineering of the clamp – what a great mounting solution. I can’t say enough about the quality and function of this unit, now that I have one, I would never even consider getting anything else. On top of all that is is American made, what more can you ask for?”

– Jeff M. (EMAIL: From: Jeff M.
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 5:55 PM
Subject: Wow!)


“This mill is strikingly stunning!”

– Dan & Holly, ME (called in May 23, 2011)


“This mill is an absolute piece art!! Every minor detail [is] thought out to absolute perfection and manufacturing”

– Lucy & Steve, Albaqurque, NM


“We absolutely LOVE our new grinder. The workmanship is fabulous (and we love the red color!) We had silky flour with only one pass through of the grain.”

– Lee & Eileen Teel, PA


“If you’re looking for a GREAT mill, this is the best you’ll find!”

– Mandy Wilding (A gift from her Grandparents for Christmas)


“We received the motor for our GrainMaker® today. It only took a few minutes to install and it works great. It looks so nice we are going to mount it on a butcher block table in the dining room. There it will be handy to use and show it to our friends.

Thank You!”

– Larry and Kari From Fort Collins, CO


“Cool, I love my grain mill. It is at times a toy for the grandchildren. They will spend hours grinding and think they are playing. LOL”

– Lorraine Stanton, on Facebook


“What a beautiful job you folks do on the wheat mills.”

– Mary at Historic St. Mary’s Mission, Stevensville, MT


“We are very pleased with the mill; my husband is impressed with the machining quality of the GrainMaker®.”

– Anna from North Carolina


“We like our flour mill very much.”

– Daniel from Washington State


“We use our mill every day and are still using the original burrs, we love it!”

– Jim from Colorado


“We hooked up our mill to a stationary bicycle – works GREAT!”

– Pam from Colorado


“WOW! What a product! It is so refreshing to see such a good quality product still being made in the USA! Thank you.”

– Bill M., Grangeville, Idaho


“I am ecstatic about the quality and craftsmanship of this mill.”

– Brian M., Michigan